Hello. My name is Gregg Goldfarb. I am an accident attorney in Miami, Florida for over 25 years. Today I want to talk to you about the autonomous vehicle. And Tesla being the big name in that market, recently suffered a loss on that particular issue in Germany. Yes, other courts exist outside of the United States. The German court found that Tesla’s claim that the vehicle was autonomous was essentially incorrect. The car is not autonomous according to the German court. In other words, the car they contend, does not fully drive itself. There is some driver involvement. It will be curious over the years to see whether Tesla can essentially create an autonomous car.

Right now, oftentimes if you want to, let’s say, dive down into the details of what is autonomous, you’ll see the one through five scale with the levels of autonomy, including five being the most autonomous. But essentially, the German court evaluated whether that number five level of autonomy was truly autonomous, said no.

Time, I’m sure, is going to go in Tesla’s favor because they seem to be able to technologically deal with every issue they are presented with. And I predict in the next couple of years, they will develop or somebody else will develop the fully autonomous vehicle. Thank you very much.