The policy limit is the highest dollar amount that the insurance company will pay in the event of a covered accident. After an accident, some individuals can find themselves reaching the policy limit threshold while still needing medical care or not having fully recouped damages and losses from the accident. Insurance companies can be quick to offer you a low settlement offer. A signed release can prevent you from pursuing any additional dollars in the future. A personal injury attorney can give you an estimate of what your case is worth and negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. A personal injury attorney can also help you navigate ways to receive appropriate compensation, even when the at-fault individual’s policy is maxed out. Here are a few options a personal injury attorney could assist you in pursuing.

Personal Payments from the Defendant

It is possible to file a lawsuit against the defendant for them to pay personally out of their own assets. Unfortunately, this method is often unsuccessful. Individuals who carry minimum insurance coverage are unlikely to have significant assets that could be liquidated to make these payments. However, a judge could order wage garnishment or a lien on the defendant’s assets, should they have such assets available.