Motorcycle accidents are often catastrophic and can have far-reaching implications on the life of the victim. In addition to the physical and mental pain associated with the accident, the victims incur substantial medical bills necessary for treatment. For this reason, claimants are often in a hurry to file a claim and, at the same time, settle at the earliest opportunity for their injuries.

Unfortunately, the claim process is complex and time-consuming. Claimants who are fortunate to obtain compensation quickly often receive a lowball settlement offer that doesn’t reflect the amount of compensation they deserve, while the rest have to withstand their debilitating condition as they wait for compensation. Although patience is imperative in the claim process, it is vital to understand how long the motorcycle lawsuit will take.

Stevenson Klotz Injury Attorneys share the stages and timelines of a motorcycle accident lawsuit, including the factors that may affect the process. Learn how our personal injury attorneys can help you during a motorcycle accident case.

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